Peter Thomashow is a physician, artist, collector and musician living in Vermont. He is on the faculty at the Dartmouth College School of Medicine where he teaches Psychiatry.  Thomashow contributed essays to “The Old Curiosity Shop” to Cabinet Magazine (Issue Nineteen) and “At The Open Gate” to The Saranac Review (Issue Four). He was also the subject of the article “The Doctor Who Paints Radios” in The New York Times in 1987 and featured in Metropolis and Industrial Design magazines that same year. He has performed six concerts with art installations at the Main Street Museum utilizing visual assemblage, electric guitar, vocals and analog electronica since 2007. He has been featured in three articles in Seven Days Magazine: “Collecting the Collectors” (2010), “Toy Story” (2011) and “Vermont Artist Peter Thomashow Goes Outside” (2016).

He showed his “Origin of Life” installation at Central Booking Gallery (Brooklyn, NY);  and has also exhibited at the Main Street Museum  (Vermont),  AVA Gallery Juried Show (New Hampshire) and had his first solo show at the Big Town Gallery (Rochester, VT) in the summer of 2014.  He was part of a two-person show and exhibited the “Rotating Optical Toy Experiment” at the Helen Day Art Center (Vermont) in 2015. His work was also displayed with Marion Harris in New York at the Metro Curated Show (2015)  and the Outsider Art Shows (2015 and 2016) where he work was noticed and photographed in Hyperallergic.  

He is currently working on a series of Philosophical Toy Dioramas, Magnetic Assemblages, Laboratory of Colour Projects, Toys from a Parallel Universe, and continues to curate the notebooks and inventions of his great grandfather, Professor Wolfson.

Thomashow’s collages and assemblages are in a variety of collections in the United States and Europe.