JULY 15, 2010 – AUGUST 22, 2010

I am fascinated by invisible forces. My first collection was at age seven. It was magnets. I later (age ten) became intrigued by fluorescent and phosphorescent minerals (rocks that glow under ultraviolet light). I collected insects as a teenager and then studied the evolution of color in butterflies at Hampshire College also becoming interested in insect metamorphosis. I have played the guitar since age thirteen and studied resonant tape looping with Steve Reich at the New School when seventeen. I assembled a collection of Nineteenth Century Electro-magnetic Philosophical Instruments which is now housed in private museum. The latest interest is a re-visit: colour and toys. All of this has come from a desire to immerse myself in the unknown, the invisible, the uncanny. Play, treasure hunting, time and memory are all at work here as well. Inward and outward exploration, dreaming, sensing and feeling are the forces which bind art and science (which, in fact, are identical modes of inquiry and discovery). I have a strong desire to preserve these special moments.