MARCH 17, 2012 – MAY 2, 2012


Professor Wolfson had been performing far-reaching experiments in the earliest part of the Twentieth Century. He was (and still is) interested in what he terms the anatomical and physiological field continuum. Some of his early notebook pages are exhibited here today. “Thought forces” were seen to influence children’s toys and certain individuals could balance balls in mid-air.

The discovery of two highly active energy portals in Franklin, New Jersey and Terlingua, Texas also drew his attention. Glowing rocks were found deep underground; the Professor travelled to see these for himself and realized that these phosphorescent ultraviolet wonders were significant markers or ‘entry points.” He started collecting these minerals and brought them back to his laboratory for observation and experimentation.

Radiowave experiments by Nikola Tesla and Leon Theremin also fascinated Wolfson. His research became highly focused on the diversity of biological sensory apparatus. He recognized that these were potential routes to understanding and perceiving other dimensions. Two of his early drawings and experiments in this interest are on display in this exhibit as well. 

High frequency fields on Earth were likely affected by the coronal mass ejections (i.e. powerful solar storms) and caused geo-magnetic disruptions at the time that Wolfson’s experiments were being performed. The solar storms may have caused leakage of anatomical and physiological field data and thus transmissions went well beyond Earth’s ionosphere. These images and other information from these experiments traveled outside of our planet’s domain. So, a signal was inadvertently sent into outer space.

Unusual visitations began to occur soon after, mostly in the Mid-Western part of the United States. Large, strange looking and highly stylized anatomical parts and incomplete humanoid figures started announcing themselves in vernacular locations. Soda fountains, drugstores, food shops, candy counters, hardware stores and filling stations were favorite sites. Often the figures would communicate telepathically with locals stating such things as “take me to your leader”. There was no fear or threat; only curiosity being projected by these entities.

Everything was in black and white, perhaps because the original transmissions were before color television? This was and remains a perplexing paradox since Professor Wolfson’s research was (and still is) concerned with a very broad range of the visible and invisible electromagnetic spectrum. Some photographs taken in the early days of these visitations are also on display here for your viewing pleasure.